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this page frozen until i fix my own psyche

more info, if you care

i find with any site that has follows or likes i end up checking compulsively, to my own mental detriment. this is why i started this personal page, but now i've found i'm doing the same on neocities

i quit social mediæ because of this, so unfortunately i think i'm going to have to pause browsing the neocities dashboard

please message me if you belong here and aren't due to this, but if you don't want to do that i sincerely apologise and i will put you up at my soonest opportunity

here are a bunch of websites i like or find interesting. ðis is mostly a bookmarks page for me, but feel free to browse until you find someþing you like. ðey're all in alphabetical order, so if you want your site higher up, change your name (says ðe person last in all lists…)

if ðe mock adverts aren't up your street, use content blocker / adblocker to block ðe class .mockvert

as well as ðe obvious ones (i.e. µblocko), ðere are a few lesser known extensions ðat i recommend, i'll list ðese on my recommended software page

why is ðe site description so useless? because i wrote "slanty" as a placeholder for auzzie-jay's site, and it made me giggle so i kept it






i actually prefer to link to specific pages raðer ðan whole sites, so here are some ðat i eiðer agree wið or find þought-provoking



you'll find ðe webrings i'm a member of on ðe homepage, but here is a list of webrings of which i'm not a member, but find interesting anyways


oðer discovery sites