The Webmaster


early 20s
current residence
south uk


back in [~2010?], when there was all the trend for "name generators", i was an edgy teen, and on a whim i tried a vampire name generator. it gave me "Louis Arnauld, known in some regions as Zeus of the Crows". soon after that, i needed a username for something online, and chose zeusofthecrows as it was fresh in my mind. i transitioned to PascalCase as i was learning c#, and in lieu of anything better i've stuck with it ever since. i know Zeus is a masculine name, but i've been using it so long it feels neutral. there is zeus from overhit, but a) i've never played it, & b) i don't look like that irl

Assorted miscellany:

  • i prefer #HEXA colours to #AHEX
  • i own a crt monitor
  • i own and plan to read the wh40k horus heresy books, but haven't got around to it yet

i'll fill this out further as i think of things


preferred method and least likely to be accidentally missed, but also probably the slowest response
Ɀeus#0492 - discord has no spam settings, so i will ask you if you're a spambot; please don't be offended
i also have a telegram, but it is actually my personal telegram so i'm unwilling to give it out unless necessary

i only really use reddit because it's the only social media with a scrutable interface, but i do mod a subreddit so i guess i am a redditor™
games and steam workshop shit
i quite like tumblr, but the interface is so awful that i hardly use it

The Website

Why windows 9x?

because it's easy, really. i never properly used windows 9x for any period of time, though i did use the windows classic theme back when it existed (yes, even from a very young age i was nostalgic for a time when i didn't exist)

being so simple means it's also quite open to customisation, hence the whole site is in the gruvbox colour palette (soon each page will have its own palette i think)

if you want your own, feel free to use mine; but i'd advise against it: it's a mess. use something well made, like 98.css


in reality it's not really that explicit, but i don't want to have to hamper myself by having to adher to a site rating; especially as ratings are so subjective

read the following and make your own decision as to whether to continue to browse

actual contents include:

language high i consider meanings more important than words themselves
sexual content low-none not really my cup of tea, but i may feature some explicit art (not by me) if i like it
gore / violence low i'm not a huge fan of viscera, but i do like some of the warhammer dark mechanicum art
illegal content high i consider laws a set of morals for those with none of their own, so i tend to ignore them
other unknown please tell me if you find anything you think should have a content warning


nominally cc-by-sa (least, that's what the button on the taskbar says). realistically, whatever. it's the sa part i care more about than the by. i like to link back to the original source, so others can find similar works; so i think it'd be nice if everyone did that. however, if it doesn't fit in with your layout – or you just think i'm a cunt – then it won't worry me too much if you don't link back.


this site is assembled by jekyll…

now, before you consider me not getting in the spirit of geocities, it's mostly because my main site is hosted on github pages, and jekyll/sass support comes free with that.

all the html is written by hand in sublime text (i wanted a programme that wasn't electron, and therefore opened faster than a geriatric snail, so it was that or n++; and sublime's auto-tag closing is handy) and the only thing is use sass for is nesting css, which i think is neater and more readable than flat css

a { cursor: pointer; &:link { color: blue; } &:visited { color: purple; } a:active { color: red; } }


a { cursor: pointer; } a:link { color: blue; } a:visited { color: purple; } a:active { color: red; }

it's also duplicated data, which i'm not too keen on; but ghp gives me version history and all sorts of niceties, and neocities has the community aspect that i like, so not being able to pick one, i went for both