"ew, what's wrong with your legs"
Welcome to Ɀeus' Stadt

good morning, good afternoon, and good evening ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon

i will be your host, zeus, for a tour of a lifetime around a litany of crap i think is cool

if you see ZeusOfTheCrows, Ɀeus, or ~Zeus online it's probably me.

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i don't really like writing, but it seems like a good idea to get some thoughts out of my head. and here seems like a nice place to do so – safe from the algorithms of social media. nevertheless, this will mostly be a image/graphic repository.

a lot of info on this page may be hidden in tooltips. i know that's an accessibility issue, but i find it easier with how scatterbrained i am. i'll try to mark them with cyan text or something… i'm open to suggestions on this

want a proper giggle? open this page in ie11

feel free to steal any images you like – and message me with what you do with them! – most images that i haven't made myself link to the site i found them (or the inspiration for them). all window titlebar images from here

if this site goes down and you're browsing this via wayback machine, the version hosted on github pages may still be up

link to me!

feel free to hotlink, because then i can tweak the buttons and they'll show up everywhere

Artist: Powerwolf
Track: Amen & Attack
Recent: Abney Park - Airship Pirate

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i don’t get hyped for games anymore i just watch an announcement trailer and think huh neat then forget about the game until i see a youtube vid about it 2 years later with WHAT WENT WRONG? 😱︎ overlaid on the thumbnail