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Welcome to Ɀeus' Stadt

good morning, good afternoon, and good evening ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon

i will be your host, zeus, for a tour of a lifetime around a litany of crap i think is cool

What's New

  • added a long overdue web garden page
  • added a sort of fanpage thing, very much a volatile wip for now
  • removed webpage counter, as i didn't like its existence
  • the teeny towers page has been deprecated, to be merged into the upcoming webgarden page
  • new images have been added to the gallery
    • alt=
    • восход
    • восход
    • like this page? share it! button
    • abandoned sites fanlist code
    • abandoned sites fanlist code
    • mozilla fl code
    • majula stamp 'you died'
    • vhs footage of forest stamp

Short Intro

this website is optimised for dark mode!

this site is for my own benefit - i'll make stuff that i think looks nice, and now i have somewhere to put it. nevertheless, i do hope you enjoy what you find here

i don't really like writing, but it seems like a good idea to get some thoughts out of my head. and here seems like a nice place to do so – safe from the algorithms of social media. nevertheless, this will mostly be a image/graphic repository.

a lot of info on this page may be hidden in tooltips. i know that's an accessibility issue, but i find it easier with how i think. i'll try to mark them with cyan text or something… i'm open to suggestions on this. (on mobile? try tapping the highlighted text)

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